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words are deeds.



i'd rather be a no-one somewhere, than a someone nowhere.

my name is gayle. i'm 18 years old. i'm an acting student. i am, it seems, finally happy with my life.

the english language. liverpool. war is over, if you want it. jane eyre. 4 inch heels. the oxford english dictionary. new york city. university of central lancashire. jane austen. fantasy girl crushes. bare feet. "if you're from africa, why are you white?" the eternal genius of the beatles. the sense of community and love that exists in beatle fandom (most of the time). "that's just what jesus said sir". rebecca delaney. two litres of water a day. f.r.i.e.n.d.s. vintage clothing. second hand and charity shops. katie murphy. sunrises in winter and sunsets in summer. the incredible restorative power of tea. rumours by fleetwood mac. the british countryside. drunken smoking. the eternal wisdom of carrie bradshaw. london town. e.m.forster. caramel lattes from starbucks with cinnamon on top, cappuchino's from costa and boycotting everywhere else. camping. moonlight shadow by mike oldfield. the princess bride. being influenced by topshop style but kind of hating topshop whores. the colour purple. joni mitchell. "if you don't like duck, you're rather stuck". micheal chekhov. william shakespeare. faye burke. pizza. maybelline dream matte mousse foundation. being weird. old school musicals. prominent, independant and subversive females. clifford t ward. having love affairs with bags and shoes instead of people (and preferring it). twentieth century history, art and literature. window shopping. being able to sleep off a hangover/a particularly bad case of pmt. "you don't get many of these now 'a days do you?". dance. led zeppelin IV. kate winslet. the world of harry potter. kimothy halpin. thought provoking films. livejournal. peanut butter and banana sandwiches. nigella lawson. white zinfandel. classic literature. "you can not find peace by avoiding life". ludovicio einaudi. trainspotting. subterranean homesick blues. frodsham hill. realising that i don't believe in god. finding beauty in unexpected places. barcelona. having no self control. "don't worry about me falling asleep, i still have your letter!" stephen berkoff. tapestry by carol king. "quite the little escapologist." healthy, in-depth, intelligent debates. yoga. snapple ice tea. drives to sheffield. bala lake. ressurrection. john lennon. brecht. my laptop. priestley college performing arts department. responsible drinking. good grades. urban outfitters. cheese. home made denim shorts. theatre. feminism. the albert dock. ice cream. baths with lavendar oil. virgin train and national express coach journeys. italian food. rock and roll.

"It might be possible, Septimus thought, looking at England through the train window...it might be possible that the world itself is without meaning."
Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf

"The dog days are over, the dog days are done.
Leave all your loving, your loving behind
You can't carry it with you if you want to survive."

"Can you lie next to her and give her you heart,
as well as your body, can you lie next to her,
and confess your love, as well as your folly."

Please addz if we have things in common; just comment me first :)